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Sola’s song has been sent off to a studio for final mastering! In the meantime, the Sunrider opening video has been released!


Blue Sphere Group, the group in charge of Memories of Summer Winds (where I voice Hitomi and sing two songs) now has an official website and Facebook page!

Blue Sphere Group Facebook Page
Blue Sphere Group Official Website


「 パンダシカ / Pandashka 」 歌ってみた 【 pickle131 】 

Music & lyrics: Hachi
Arrangement: MixCH
Picture: found from an uncredited source (if you know who to credit please tell me)
Vocals: pickle131
Vocal mixing: pickle131
Original vocals: Hatsune Miku & GUMI


Hey guys! Looks like I forgot to post the update here haha, but there’s been an update on Sola’s character song! The song will be called [lost history] and there is a preview of the first two verses up! Keep in mind this is still a prototype version, but I am very excited about where this song is going!!! This is my first time working as a vocalist with a Japanese indie band. If you like what you hear so far, you can check out more of Iced Blade’s music at their SoundCloud!!

You can hear the song preview [here].


「 Sacrifice / サクリファイス 」 歌ってみた ENGLISH cover 【 pickle131 】

Song: サクリファイス / Sakurifaisu / Sacrifice
Album: Elysion ~Rakuen Gensou Monogatari Kumikyoku~ (4th Story CD Elysion 〜楽園幻想物語組曲〜 Elysion ~ Paradise Fantasy Story Suite)
Originally by: Sound Horizon
Composition: Revo
Original vocals: Aramary
Cover vocals: pickle131
English lyrics: pickle131
Vocal mixing: pickle131


A brief test to see if my voice was strong enough to record again C: First recording in a long time that didn’t hurt, I’m really happy!! This was just a test, before I do more covers I’ll still be having a few more doctor appointments haha. But I feel like I’m strong enough now that I can get back to VA lines, and I will be prioritizing those before I do anything else. But in the meantime, here is my first cover in basically a month XD;

Song: Fallen Angel
From: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Written by: LISA
Composition & Arrangement: LISA & Mitsunori Ikeda
Originally performed by: Aimee Blackschleger (Aimee B)
Vocals: pickle131
Piano: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ_mZ1FQTos
Vocal mixing: pickle131
Image: found on a wallpaper website, no source specified

Do what you love to do, but get paid to do it. Make what you want to make, but pay those who help make your dreams happen.

Michaela, in regards to some friends offering their services for free or not paying their teams in projects.


It bothers me when friends do things that they do AMAZINGLY well at for free. No matter if it’s to make a new connection with a company or project team or just doing it for the love of the hobby, you should be paid to do a service that someone else wants you to do. They do not have the skills to do it themselves, so they are hiring you to do it for them, so you should be paid. 

"But Michaela, doing free work means more exposure! I can get more things on my resume if I do things for free!"

That is true to a point. I also used to be one of those people who did work for free. I got some good exposure, yes, but I wound up doing more 10 times more lines than what I anticipated, making recording times run longer than I could actually afford. I love voice acting, yes, but it costs time to do what I love to do. Mind you, 5-10 lines, depending on the length of each line, takes under 3-5 minutes and is no big deal, but anything beyond that deserves some sort of pay.

Also, if you keep doing free work, that is what will be expected of you for the rest of your career. You will be known as the free talent, only doing free work for projects for the sake of exposure or connection. If you do this long enough, NO ONE will expect to pay you and the minute you finally decide to charge for your services, ignorant producers who expected free work will turn complete 180 away from you and walk away.

"But Michaela, I’m not hurting anyone by doing free work!"

Not only will the expectation be there of you doing free work, but you will also lower the bar for others in your field. For Example, if you do free voice work for projects, then projects of the future will not see the need to spend money for your skill. It’s hard enough as a Voice Actor to get paying jobs that pay enough to make the gig worth our time. We already get underpaid 90% of the time in projects because Voice Acting has sadly become an ‘extra add-on’ that no one thinks about in projects. Don’t make the expectation of us worse; we’re under-appreciated enough as it is.

If you are good at what you do, you should be paid to do it. You are taking time out of your own life to perform and give services to a client because they wanted you to be in their project and/or they could not do what are you are doing themselves. It is labor common sense: You work, you get paid. No matter if it’s voice acting, art, writing, or programming; you did work, you get paid.

Now, to those who want to make projects instead of be hired onto projects, respect those underneath you and pay them for their work. Don’t make anyone work for you for free if you have the money to spare. I can understand no pay for college projects or non-profit games if you have no way to pay your team in the first place, but if you REMOTELY gain some sort of pay/profit/income from a project, like Kickstarter, have the decency to pay your team for their contributions. 

I understand that a lot of projects come from just the passion of creating a project, but unless you are doing EVERYTHING (art, writing, voices, music, programming, etc) on your own, you are relying on other people to make your project come to life. If you get ANY money of out it, then your team members should make money off of it. It’s fair and morally right.

"But Michaela, I can just get free artists/voice actors/composers! They’re okay with no pay so I don’t have to pay them!"

Then I would start questioning the quality of their work. Free work, 75% of the time, means VERY low-grade quality work. If they are absolutely PERFECT at their jobs, then I would start questioning your morals and work ethic. If you are truly passionate about making your project happen, then you need to know that making something happen involves sacrifices of any sort, including financial backing/sacrifice. They did what you wanted? PAY THEM.

I, to this day, STILL get irritated over the fact that some of my projects are indeed free projects to where I 100% CANNOT pay my talents. They are doing work for me so I feel morally obligated to pay them for their time and skills because, most of the time, what I asked them to do is their LIFE. I pay Chris whenever I can for the music he makes for me. I try to provide good pay to voice talents I hire onto my projects. I do this because I know the pay is worth making my projects the best they can be.

"But Michaela, that sounds so corporate! That’s not passion at all! That’s BUSINESS!"

Call it whatever you want. If you are taking time out of your life to get people to do work for you and if they are taking time out of their lives to work for you, then you need to have the money to pay them for that work unless you absolutely cannot provide it. We all have bills to pay. We all need food to eat. You call it corporate, we call it our careers.

Don’t close your mind when money is involved. If money is involved, 99% of the time, it’s worth the costs. The skills you need for making dreams come true will always cost money. Get that ignorant mindset out of your head and open your eyes to what you are making. You aren’t just paying a talent for their services, you are paying them to stay alive and active enough to even DO your work. You are providing the food money they need to buy groceries or even just the meal for that day/week. You are paying to keep their electricity on so they don’t disappear in the middle of the project.


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AHHH I AM SO EXCITED TO RELEASE THIS YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW GUYS! An original song I had the AMAZING pleasure of working with Michael and Danny Chait to make! This is my mix of the song, with a link to their official mix as well in the description! It will be in the game “Memories of Summer Winds” by Blue Sphere Group!

Song: Dreaming of You
From: Memories of Summer Winds (by Blue Sphere Group)
Composition & Mastering: Michael & Danny Chait
Lyrics: Kaito (East New Sound)
PV: pickle131
Image of Hitomi: fanart by pickle131
Background: bestwallpaperdesign.com


New original! This is way overdue due to things that kept coming up, but I’m glad I can finally release it!! My first time writing cutesy lyrics instead of something angsty as heck haha.

Song: Somewhere Here
Composer: Mock Off (Joshua1207) soundcloud.com/joshua1207/
Vocal arrangement & lyrics: pickle131
Vocals & vocal mixing: pickle131
Image: 24 ( Pixiv ID 23187 ) www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?…illust_id=29754363